2012 is nearly all about beer and pubs at Publishing

An old idea of making a book with pub signs from London changed quite much into something more interesting and gave birth to a fine book about English Pubs and Beer!

Hillside House Publishing has for more than a hole year been working intense on a new book which is out now. The main theme is English beer and London Pubs and the book is the perfect guide to the best of the best. The book "Mere end Engelske Øl og London Pubber" is out in Danish language.

Thorkil Jensen got the idea to write a book which can be a direct guide to some of the most interesting pubs mainly in London but also a few great ones out of the metropol. The book presents the oldest brewery in England, Shepheard Neame in Kent, the beers they brew and 50 fantastic pubs. 35 pubs described in details and 15 pubs presentet in a brief introduction. The brewery and all the pubs have great stories and a lot of history to tell in this beer and pub guide that see the places from a brand new angle. The book is filled with lots of impressing and beautiful pictures taken by a team of two photographers working for Hillside House Photo too.

As an extra bonus Thorkil Jensen write about Aidensfield Arms from the Tv-series Heartbeat filmed on location in Goathland in Yorkshire. Exclusively the book has a very fine and warm interview with David Lonsdale who played the role of David Stockwell in Heartbeat made at Aidensfield Arms. The book present two of the local extras telling stories from behind the scenes too.


Hillside House Publishing is presenting the ultimate pub guide for those who want to enjoy a perfect pint in local and historic surroundings.

We toured England from Kent in the south to Yorkshire in the north making a stop in London visiting the most fantastic pubs and meeting a lot of great people. You can read all about it in the book and we are proud to present every pub and person. "Mere end Engelske Øl og London Pubber" is your guide to great Moments from Life!

Just to mention a few persons and places: Jonathan Neame from Shepherd Neame in Faversham, The Eleanor Arms in London, Doreen Smith and Dot Pickering in Goathland, actor David Lonsdale, The Bear Inn in Faversham, Moray Neame in Faversham, Crown Inn in Chislehurst, Westminster Arms in London and The Spanish Galleon Tavern i Greenwich.

"More than English beers and London Pubs" is 216 pages in size 17X24 centimeter printet on the finest paper wrapped in an exlucive hard cover.

This pub and beer guide is not written behind a desk by an author - the book has been lived through every word by ordinary people going for the best and most ultimative Moments from Life! when we talk beers and pubs.

Hillside House Publishing has a lot of interesting things to be published throughout the year, but the book about beer, pubs and London is the biggest and most prestigeful project for many years.

The book is out in Danish language both in print and as an E-book, and if possible you will have the book in an English version in 2014.


BIG BEN.jpg 

Photo by Jesper Fedders Brøndum Høegh

One of the photographers for the new beer and pub book...

"More than English beers and London pubs"