"Wry thoughts!" 

- is the straight way to succes....

Like the other divisions of Hillside House Media, Hillside House Publishing is creating Moments from Life! every day.

The man behind Hillside House Publishing is the author, song writer, promotor, photograper and the he-thinks-all-can-be-done-man, Thorkil Jensen. He is known World wide for his trademark, which is "Wry thoughts".

Thorkil Jensen has worked as a photographer for nearly 40 years, wrote his first book back in 1987 and he has done a lot of promotion work mainly for singers, bands and actors most of his life as an A&R-manager. He loves to challenge the most impossible ideas with succesful help from his "Wry thoughts". Among lots of other things Thorkil Jensen has been hosting more than 2000 radioshows, travelled several continents for the music industry and produced programes for Danish television. Since 2005 he has been creative in his own independant firm Hillside House Media.

The philosophy behind Hillside House Media and Publishing is that all things can be done with the right ideas and lots of "Wry thoughts". Thorkil Jensen is always giving birth to new projects to be published as he never stops thinking and believing. Is your idea next in line at Hillside House Publishing?

Hillside House Publishing will be happy to help you if you have a dream about publishing a product expressing Moments from Life! As we have no limits we do all types of genres on all media from books to calendars, pictures and records. Please contact ud for an exchange of ideas.

Danish TV2 has made three documentar programmes about Hillside House. Thorkil Jensen has been a frequent guest at many broadcasts from Danmarks Radio during the years and he is well known from more articles in magazines and papers than you can count.


Hillside House Publishing attend to all the interests of Hillside House Media

Hillside House Photo, Hillside House Press and the sleeping Hillside House Records are all attended to by Hillside House Publishing when releasing Moments from Life.

Hillside House Publishing attend to all interests within sale and copyright of all the productions published by all divisions of Hillside House Media.

In the same way Hillside House Publishing attend to all the published photographic materials from Jensen Moments.


Thorkil Jensen is the owner of Hillside House Publishing

Educated from the University of Life