• Hillside House Publishing er en del af Hillside House Media

    Hillside House Publishing is a division of Danish Hillside House Media

  • Dannebrogshilsen

    We only publish things that we belive in with our hearts!

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    Hillside House Publishing, Aalborg, Denmark

  • Moments from Life!

    Hillside House Publishing releases all genres of your Moments from Life! on all types of media so meet the World through our Publishing firm.

    Do not let your dreams die as we have many years of experience and can help you make Moments from Life!

  • Beer, Pubs and England...

    Those are key words for a brand new book from Hillside House Publishing about English beers and 51fantastic pubs all with great soul and history.

    The perfect guide for all that loves a great pint. Released at a live broadcast from Danmarks Radio!

  • Hillside House Media

    Danish Hillside House Publishing is a division of Hillside House Media.

    We are also a perfect partner within the fields of Photo and Press when you need professional support and "Wry thoughts"! Please contact us for further information on info@hillsidehouse.dk 

Welcome to the creative World of

Hillside House Publishing

A constructive solution that make things happen...

Hillside House Publishing is an independent and private owned Danish publishing firm, which is a part of Hillside House Media. Here we also have divisions working with alle types of Photo and Press jobs.

Working under the Hillside House slogan, Moments from Life! Hillside House Publishing is the publishing firm releasing a long list of books, national and international music productions, lyrics, promotion materials and pictures in many genres.

Hillside House Publishing is working hard and serious with help from a lot of relevant contacts in Denmark and all over the World. We release productions which all have a broad appeal to a lot of people in their own way. Hillside House Publishing is working with productions on all kind of media.

We will be happy to help you all the way from the first thoughts to the final product is ready for presentation, promotion and sale.

Hillside House Media is Publishing and the divisions Photo and Press. That makes us a strong partner, when you go for results. If you need us during the production we can help, and we have a long list of succes stories in promoting the final product as Moments from Life!

The divisions Photo and Press is descriped on our homepage in Danish language only, but please contact us for further informations.


Forside Cowboy.jpg

Thorkil Jensens own autobiography
telling the interesting story of a long and creative life
in the spot lights

The Title of the book in English:
"Yes, I did it! From West End, Aalborg to Music City, USA"




"More than English Beers and London Pubs"
by Thorkil Jensen